A warm welcome to PCD (Propaganda-Cum-Distribution) Pharma website

A unified body which provides excellent opportunities to grow and widen the business by lending franchisee, marketing and distribution of a vast range of pharma products like Analgesics, Anti-Allergic, Cardio-vascular, Neuro-Psychotics, Anti-diabetic, Dermatological etc. that treats from acute to chronic health conditions. More than a decade of experience as a PCD Pharma company group we provide monopoly rights to our franchisee for unrepresented areas across the country due to our wide-spread network which builds up an excellent ground to bloom in PCD Pharma business along with our aggressive marketing strategies.

PCD Pharma Company was established in 2001 with prime focus on enhancing and improving life with a feeling of wholesome and well-being for a better tomorrow. A key to a better life is not just feeling good physically and mentally but spiritually and socially as well.

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Our Division

  • Cubit Healtcare
  • Cu Card Lifecare
  • Cu Card Opthocare
  • Cu Card Psycocare
  • Cu Card Skincare
  • Epitome Lifesciences
  • Fossil Remedies
  • Lexus Organics
  • Yew Biotech
  • Zubit Lifecare